Faster approval

Speeds up processes, approval, and the flow of operational documents

Online approval of requests, orders, invoices and other documents will substantially speed up your approval process. Documents can be approved online from anywhere in the world. Workflow (sequence in which documents are passed between employees) is adjustable and can include several persons. Your colleague in charge of the fleet will only see the documents related to the fleet and can best assess whether invoicing is justified.

Elimination of unnecessary and inefficient costs

The approval of orders and requests will prevent unnecessary purchases. On the other hand, the approval of received invoices reduces the likelihood of paying an invoice that is unjustified – for example if there was a different scope of work, different quality of goods, etc. Cut business costs with an overview of all costs incurred by your company.

ReFIS reduces actual costs, estimated values for your business can be calculated using the calculator.

Fewer errors

Accurate and reliable data
    Businesses that contacted us and became our customers in 2018 most frequently faced the following problems:
  • - payments to incorrect accounts with an incorrect variable symbol or in another currency
  • - loss of documents, or
  • - unplanned order issued, of which nobody was aware until the related invoice was received.

With the OCR function ReFIS minimises the human factor and thus eliminates errors due to document transcription. The receipt of documents through the central registry to the online archive reduces the risk of document loss, while the approval process ensures that documents pass through the hands of persons qualified to assess whether they are correct.

Accurate and reliable data from ReFIS can be exported to other business information systems.

Time saving on administrative tasks

Administrative tasks slow down your business. They do not only take up the time of administrative staff, but worse – deprive managers of their productive time. This is why ReFIS saves time twice. Managers can devote more time to activities directly related to their job, while unnecessary work of administrative staff is also eliminated. In addition to eliminating unnecessary and inefficient costs , ReFIS thus offers another reason for your business to advance faster.

Not least, the electronic storage of all documents available 24/7 from anywhere saves time on locating documents.

Reduced workload and faster processes

ReFIS extracts all important data from invoices automatically, freeing you from errors due to manual entering of data. Accountants can thus handle the accounting instead of a tedious manual transcription of documents. Save 80% of your time on processing incoming invoices.

ReFIS will also substantially increase the efficiency of a number of business processes: faster purchasing process due to online approval of requests and orders, super-fast automatic document digitisation (OCR), faster incoming invoice approval process, 24/7 available online document archive, central electronic registry for document processing. All these factors will take your business to a new level.